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I would like to thank you so very much for your recent efforts on my behalf. The bar that you constructed for my wheelchair has been a complete success. I realize that a simple metal bar will not change the world but it has made my wanderings in it a lot easier."

Tetra client Pamela Read
(Hamilton, ON volunteers fabricated a shopping bag holder between her wheelchair footrests)









Regina Chapter


Contact: Terri Sleeva
Telephone: 306-545-7378
Email: ReginaSK@Tetrasociety.org


Your generosity is greatly appreciated:

  Regina Engineering Students Society


I would like to give honourable mention to our star volunteers

Gerry Wurtak especially, who builds towable strollers for children with disabilities. He not only does it for people in Regina, but in Saskatchewan and the Yukon.

Damien Bolingbroke who is an Engineer provides some of the technical advice needed for the group. It's wonderful to listen to Damien & Gerry discuss projects in detail. Damien is the one who has connected us with the University of Regina engineering students.

Bill Olson & Ryan Potetz contribute significantly also. I don't know what I'd do without those guys!

We have quite a few more members but those 4 keep the wheels turning for the group.

More info on our brochure.


HeartsDonate to Tetra’s Regina Chapter

Help support the dedicated volunteers of Tetra’s Regina chapter who give their time and expertise to make assistive devices for people with disabilities in the community. Your contribution will pay for the materials needed to design and build a custom assistive device. Donate now.